Respected Partners, The journey of PLO success would remain incomplete without acknowledging your co-operation. You have always made the same pace with us in the market, has understood the meaning without our elaborate description, and have become our voice in the marketplace. In the real meaning, you are the true representative and ambassador of the PLO company where our market representative cannot reach immediately. I feel obliged and want to express our gratefulness to you for selling our valuable brands: PLO Brand, Star Brand and Mega brand lubricant and greases. We feel pleasure in telling that it has already 16 years (Since 2001AD) doing business with you, sharing goals and challenges together in unison and has seen  the different phases: inclination, declination, trough and maturity period. This is the normal phenomenon and every company including PLO has to pass through these stages.

We extend our gratefulness towards your highest efforts to expand the PLO Group company’s Products and meet our company’s expectation. As a consequence, PLO group is keenly interested in providing the best service to our valued customers and perceived their success as our Own.  When we established the PLO Group for manufacturing lubricants and Greases, there were few Nepali company in this field. Nepal was solely dependent on the foreign countries importing these products. Our PLO group has survived the lonely struggle when there were scarcity of Plant and machinery, Skilled Manpower, raw material and overall the courage to sail the ship in the unknown sea.

At present, Nepal has increased its self-dependency on Nepalese manufactured Lubricants and Greases from Zero few years back to 30% in 2018. We are manufacturing almost all quality of Lubricants and Greases. These are the Lubricants type: 10 W 30, 15 W 40, 20 W 50, UTTO Oil, GMO and other kinds of Gear Oils (GL-1, GL-3, GL-4, GL-5 and TQ). Moreover, We are the only few Nepalese company producing Greases in Nepal. For example: All Purpose Greases (AP-3) , Multi-Purpose Grease (MP-3) ,  Auto Touch Greases and other Calcium Base Greases. These all products are being produced inside Nepal utilizing Nepalese labour, skill and inputs.   Arriving at this juncture, we want to express our thankfulness to you for selling our quality products of different brands: PLO, STAR and Mega.

We have always become closer day by day with the quarterly visit to market by senior management team, direct call to our customer by customer care executives and continuous presence of our Sales executive to your doorstep to hear your grievances and also your success. We will be always at your place through intensive marketing. We want to assure you that we are developing the mechanism through modern information technology: faster order processing, viewing market dues, online statement of the respective dealers and complaint handling mechanism. We strongly believe that these approaches would certainly help us in making stronger ties with you. We want to assure you that our products have the quality compliance nothing less than mentioned by international standard Organization (ISO).  Not only, We are upgrading our laboratory and have all the testing facilities, one can see in the USA and Europe, But also, we have the best qualified personnel in our organization to oversee the daily affairs of the company.

At last, we express our gratitude to you all Sales executive, Marketing Managers, Production Staffs, Dealers, Administration, Bank, Government Offices all other stake-holders for providing sincere support, advises and motivation to pave the way and succeed in unknown path of industrial field. Without all these, we could never have been able to write and tell this success story.

Thank you.