We are pleased to announce that Purwanchal Lube Oil Pvt. Ltd established on Bhadra 23, 2058 B.S. is situated in the Eastern part of Nepal and is mainly concerned with the manufacturing two brands of lubricants namely PLO and STAR. In the present scenario, the company is carrying out its manufacturing activity from the Biratchowk city located in Sundarharaicha Municipality of Morang District.This company has received ISO Certificate as per ISO 9001:2000 in the year 2062 B.S. and ISO 9001.2008 in the year 2069 B.S. & ISO 9001:2015 in the year 2076 B.S. Furthermore, the main objective of this company is to increase domestic market share of lubricant by gaining the trust of Nepali consumers towards the Nepali brands. In the past as per lubricants consumed in the Nepal, it was observed that the 85% of the Nepali lubricants market share has been occupied by the Foreign Company and today because of our own manufactured Nepali lubricants brand, it has been observed that Nepali lubricants brand has occupied 32% market share of the overall Lubricants consumption in the Nepal which is the matter of pride for all the Nepalese.In order to maintain compliance with the quality standard and to follow the policy of “No Compromise on Quality” in the finished product, the raw materials used in lubricants such as Base oil and additives and also the raw materials used in Grease such as HCO, Lithium, VI has been imported from the international market.

Thus, Production and Sales made by the company in the past 3 years have been shown in the Bar Diagram Chart.


Produce a product that meets the consumer’s expectations. Work systematically following industrial code of conduct. To provide support for social and economic development of the country. Develop teamwork, increase the trustworthiness and produce quality product in order to achieve success and establish the company as a No.1 lubricant brand and the leading lubricants Manufacturer Company of Nepal.


In this 21stCentury PLO Group has been manufacturing various products and providing service to its consumer all over Nepal.  Purwanchal Lube Oil Pvt. Ltd manufactures various lubricants, oil and grease as per specification of vehicles and industrial grades. The motto of the company is not only limited to, delivering quality product and service to its entire consumer using the latest technology but it is also actively involved in the society development.

Future Plans

The Company has made plans to carry out research and investigation so that company can manufacture and provide the services as per actual demand of consumer leading to upmost consumer satisfaction. The Company has made Corporate and individual plans by proper mobilization of its human resources through training and development programs. This Company has made plans to export its manufactured product to the foreign countries.



Sales Quality - 2069/70 Upto Chaitra


Production Quality - 2069/70 Upto Chaitra