The world is going towards market economy and the communist country has already adopted “Market Openness”. Even Deng Siyao Ping (then, veteran Leader from our northern neighboring country, The Peoples Republic  of China) had invited the foreign direct investment to his country. This phenomenon has resulted in increased employment, giving employment to millions of Chinese, technology transfer, made them think in big way, shifting economy from agriculture base to Industry base economy, earning foreign currency and last but not least, paying the Tax to the national exchequer. The process of liberalization, industrialization and globalization has also been implemented in our Southern Neighbouring Country India starting from Year 1992 by then Finance Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh. This has resulted in considerable benefit to nation by making India one of the giant in Software Technology and Industrialization. Why Nepal can not adopt the similar policy which has already benefitted both of our neighbouring countries ? There has been a great change in the last three decades in our Country: democracy with constitutional monarchy (1990) , fall of monarchy (2008),  rise of Maoism and people’s war continued for a decade period (2002-2012), Anarchy situation in Country, Armed Maoist coming to peaceful Process and finally, Nepal became a federal republic aspiring for development through Industrialization, aiming to alleviate poverty, provide better social benefit to its citizen. This has becoming the Charter and the utmost priority of any government. Without these charter, No government can succeed in the long run and so as Nepal. Thus, Purwanchal Lube Oil (PLO) has already taken the responsibility in its shoulder by implementing the industrialization culture. This factory has reduced the foreign dependability and promoted Nepalese Products in Lubricants and Grease market of Nepal. While still 70% of the lubricant and Grease market of Nepal is dominated by foreign brand Lubricant and Grease Product. PLO, has taken small yet, a bold step in creating nation towards self-dependability by manufacturing Lubricant and Grease product in Nepal. This has resulted in creating employment in both industry and in service sector, paying taxes to the government. By this direct and indirect taxes, Government can think and implement the development projects. By thumb rule, An  industry creates five times indirect job in the service sector. For example: If there is 100 direct job in production factory, then another 500 jobs would be created in as dealers through out Nepal, Sales Personnel, Loading and unloading staff, marketing and advertisement, position creation in Banks for L/C. Similarly, The industry provides the taxes in different stages: custom/Import duty (Tax) while importing raw material, After the final production, Value Added Tax (13% VAT) on final product, Income Tax from its employees, Income Tax from Profit from the company and other kinds of Taxes. PLO group has been doing the same and assumes its social and national responsibility since its incorporation. It has been more than a decade now and PLO is highly regarded as No 1 brand among the Nepalese Lubricant and Grease manufacturing company.  This company has given highest priority on the Quality. We are determined to maintain the best quality compliance as per international standard. Moreover, we are aiming to export our products to other countries and has already started the process of negotiation and planning accordingly.  At Last, determined to make “Nepal a Self-dependent in Lubricant and Grease” and “With Nepal first” motto, we are aspiring high where we can say “Sky is only the limit”. Sanjay Shah CEO